Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1917-2008) has had far greater influence on the fate of humanity than has been known to the public so far. He re-enlivened humanity’s ancient, Vedic knowledge in its wholeness and connected the wisdom of the East with western science. The groundbreaking scientific investigations he has inspired show that humanity is at the beginning of a new and peaceful era.
Maharishi spread the simple, natural technique of Transcendental Meditation, and thus enriched the lives of millions of people, and at the same time he has shaken narrow-minded and outdated concepts.

Lothar Pirc
The Blessing of Maharishi
The wonderful story of my life

In his new book, Lothar Pirc, now the owner and managing director of one of the most successful Ayurvedic clinics in the Western world, shares the impressive achievements of his life – an unusual life with many ups and downs – masterfully captured in lively and witty writing by his wife Karin. The reader partakes in wonderful encounters with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a great saint of our time, as well as in deep meditation experiences, and the author’s desire to contribute to a better life for humanity. Also included are some unprecedented views behind the curtain into Maharishi’s way of working.

1st World Publishing

An extraordinary journey

The book takes the reader on a journey to new realizations of human consciousness through years in a monastery, incredible projects in schools and prisons in Africa, and worldwide peace meditations documented by fascinating research. It is a first-hand description of Ayurveda’s introduction in Europe, as well as of exciting experiences from inside the Ayurveda clinic – a colorful series of moving events.

It is a blend of deep insights, captivating adventures, and always new experiences in this unusual life, including both the author’s happy experiences and his doubts and conflicts. The reader is presented with new, volatile background information about oppression by church and state in recent decades – thoroughly researched and referenced.

A courageous and honest book full of surprising twists.

READERS’ COMMENTS – Translated from German

Urs Karkoschka

When we (my wife Cordula and I) stayed at your Health Centre for the first time (23/4–4/5/2019) the presentation you gave on one of the evenings inspired me to buy your book “The Blessing of Maharishi”. My wife commented: “You’ve never read a book cover-to-cover, let alone one with more than six hundred pages.” She was right, but there’s always a first time. And really, within a few days during our holiday I read your book through. Thank you very much for these wonderful insights into your and Maharishi’s life.

There were several moments where I surely wouldn’t have mustered your patience. Probably you would have given up rather sooner than later, if you hadn’t had lots of positive events and your strong faith that he is something special. It was painful to read about when you and your colleagues were falsely “put in a corner”. I was especially shocked by our justice system; sadly, I wasn’t surprised by the ways of the Church Institute in its current functioning.

It is fortunate that you have braved it out and that now we were given the opportunity to experience Ayurveda “right on our doorstep”. Surely, it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. And we hope to have many more cures.

Hoping to see you again soon,
Yours sincerely,

Urs Karkoschka

Doris Heil

The book, “The Blessing of Maharishi”, impressed and moved me deeply and allowed me to experience and understand more profoundly the all-encompassing, as well as tried and tested knowledge that Maharishi taught.

Especially for those who do not yet practice TM, this book can be an eye-opener and guide.

Ute Reusch

Hello, you two dear ones, I just finished the magnificent book! As I wrote before, it has become a little masterpiece. I devoured it. Some of it is, of course, already known; some of it was new to me, and some of it I only now understood through the super-detailed explanations! The book is interesting, charming, and, above all, mercilessly honest. I felt pure joy reading it, and my own memories of those good, old and wonderful TM days were reawakened! Thank you for that…..

Detlev Wulf

With great clarity, Lothar Pirc describes what TM is, and what it is not, and gives an insight into his nature and his way of working to those who can no longer experience Maharishi personally. A fascination and highly readable book about the activities, background, purposes and goals of TM. Even long-time meditators will get unexpected new insights.

Over 600 scientific studies document the positive effects of TM on the body, mind, as well as the individual and society. This book shows where this train is going and thus clears up numerous misunderstandings, misinformation, and doubts.


What a fascinating book! I am totally thrilled. The author takes us along on an exciting journey, on his spiritual path. We experience how he, thanks to his practice of Transcendental Meditation, grows into the experience of higher states of consciousness and how he, over decades and under the guidance of the great Vedic wise man, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, helps to create a healthier, more peaceful world. In this, it is almost incomprehensible in how many areas of life Maharishi looked after things, what all was accomplished, and what it is possible for us to achieve. We are given insight into many scientific studies that document what the individual and society can gain through Transcendental Meditation and through Maharishi Ayurveda. But above all, this is a book in which we can intimately share the various facets of a life lived intensively in the service of mankind. The story is written in extremely fresh and exciting ways, as well as lovingly composed by the wife of the author, the renowned Ayurvedic doctor, Karin Pirc. I can recommend it most warmly.

Angela Mailänder, who translated this book into English

Translation is a fascinating task even when translating a boring text. If it’s an exciting text, then that is a special gift. The autobiography of Lothar Pirc about his varied and eventful life with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is such a gift. At the same time, it is an important book. Maharishi’s influence on Western culture, and even on the whole world, is deep and was comprehensive, which has yet to be assessed by contemporary historians. Many books about the multifaceted Maharishi have by now been published. There are three things that distinguish this book from all of those others: first it is really fascinating; second, it presents the research on Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques in easily understandable ways, and third, as well as most important, it gives readers easy access to Vedic knowledge.

R. L.

Dear Lothar Pirc,

A few days ago, I finished reading your book, The Blessing of Maharishi, and I want to tell you that I found it exceptionally good. Everyone who is interested in spiritual things should read this book. In some parts, I could recognize myself since I know some of the places and people mentioned from my own experience. I also learned a lot that is new to me: for example, the enmity of politics and the Church and what great measure it took on. Through unhappy circumstances I was absent from the TM scene for more than two decades. But now, for approximately two years, I once again am meditating. And every day, I enjoy the blessings of this meditation. I want to add that I’d compare your book with the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. In my opinion your book is on that same level.

I wish you and your family a blessed and successful 2019.

Heartfelt Greetings,

Herbert Gerstendorf

“The Blessing of Maharishi” describes an authentic and honest story of a life rich in wonderful knowledge and experience and tells of coincidences supported by the laws of nature. The reader will inevitably get an idea of what the blessing of a self-realized master can accomplish.

At the same time, the book communicates a deep and comprehensive insight into Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Movement of Transcendental Meditation with all its programs and activities that are so important and helpful in our time.

The reader will want to read this book in one sitting because it is written in such an interesting, exciting and insightful way.

I can only recommend it warmly to everyone!

Anton Baumann

A wonderful book about a wonderful life that shows the reader, who is amazed again and again, what is possible in one life when this person opens himself to his inner boundless consciousness – a book which is, at the same time, a loving “thank you” for his master. Absolutely worth reading.

Rita Baumann

The author allows the reader to participate in the author’s evolution and takes him along on his travels to Africa where he integrates TM into school projects with great success and has exciting adventures in nature and with wild animals.

What he also communicates in excellent ways is his trusting collaboration with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who tirelessly worked for world peace and tried to realize this goal with many people.

The author lucidly presents the profound scientific studies about TM and its effects, so that the reader can get an idea about how we can indeed create a healthier and more peaceful world together.

In collaboration with his wife, with whom, together with a large team of coworkers, he leads a private Maharishi Ayurveda clinic, the two of them have accomplished great things to heighten the well-being of many thousands of people. The reader will experience the depths and the heights that come about in such a project and must be tackled.

Nor are private matters shortchanged. The respectful, loving efforts to be good parents to their children, and the joys that come with it, are expressed again and again. And what is especially beautiful is to partake of the intimate togetherness of a family that accomplishes so much good for society, and again and again wins extraordinary prizes even from abroad, and despite all that still find the necessary time for projects with the children.

Even the correlations not yet understood between right and truth about TM and society are revealed in vivid ways that will amaze the reader.

Many places and people are mentioned; those many who have known and practiced TM for decades will experience joy in their remembrance.

Maharishi’s transition to glory is also described in a respectful way. And for many who know him he is enlivened in their awareness in a wonderful way, so that all of it can be experienced in their own consciousness in very lively ways.

Absolutely recommended literature, even for people who perhaps have, up till now, not been interested in this subject, and the reason is that it serves the expansion of consciousness and the general education in unexpected ways.


For my birthday, the members of our TM Center have given me your book, “The Blessing of Maharishi.” I devoured that book in just a few days—that’s how much your experiences fascinated me. Together with my wife, I was initiated in October of 1997 (by Hildegard Holzleiter—I’m sure you know her); then, at turn of the year, 1999/2000, we were both in Seelisberg, and, since then, we are both Sidhas. Unfortunately, we did not get the chance to meet Maharishi personally (or even to see him), and so we know him only from videos and from the stories of our TM teacher.

Your life’s story, the meetings with Maharishi, his blessings, the “wondrous” coincidences, and the farewell in 2008…all these I read about with great interest and admiration. Thank you for the wonderful stories that brought me so close to Maharishi. It was this closeness that I was missing in the years after 2008. I would so much have loved being closer to him. You have helped me achieve this. Thank you!

Through this read, my eyes also opened a bit more about how meditation has been a positive influence in my life. Though, in the last years, I only meditated once a day, I began again to meditate twice a day and do the whole program after reading your book. Somehow, you have given me the impetus for this. And for this I can’t thank you enough.

With Heartfelt Greetings – Jai Guru Dev


David W. Orme-Johnson, October 28, 2021


This is a fantastic book! Out of five stars, I would give it ten. It is so good that Rhoda and I have made reading it our evening entertainment, over videos and movies.

If you are interested in what it would be like to be around and work with the greatest spiritual master of our time, and perhaps of all time, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, then this is a book for you.
Written in a lively style from beginning to end, it takes you on a ride of bubbling bliss, from Lothar’s childhood days of highly creative pranks that he and his buddies played on their teachers to the sublime atmosphere of taking Silence with Maharishi.

Lothar tells how he was guided into his life around Maharishi by a series of fortunate spiritual experiences to become one of Maharishi’s most trusted disciples and staff with enormous responsibilities.

Through Lothar’s eyes, we see Maharishi ever working for the good of the world, 20 + hours a day, ever inventive and original, to create world peace and a just and equitable world free from poverty and want.

We have an insider’s view as Maharishi trains and enlightens his teachers, creates coherence creating groups, works to solve country’s economic programs, revives the technologies of consciousness of the ancient Vedic tradition for effectively addressing chronic diseases, creating clinics around the world, meets with great scientists, world leaders and intellectuals to restructure human understanding of what the purpose of life is and the enormous possibilities it offers, and much more.

Future generations will want to know who was this man who changed the destiny of human history, how did he do it, what was he like? Lothar’s book will be one of their source books.

David W. Orme-Johnson, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Psychology,
Maharishi International University

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Nicole R

The book comprises 631 pages and is printed in a pleasantly readable font. It is an autobiography of Lothar Pirc, teacher of Transcendental Meditation and CEO of a leading Ayurveda Clinic in Europe and written down by his wife, Dr. Karin Pirc. In entertaining episodes, he recounts the influence of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, an Indian scholar and seer, on his life and on the world. Through the lively narrative style about beautiful, exciting, spiritual, and sad moments and events in the life of Lothar Pirc, the book is a pleasure to read even for non-meditators, like me, and, therefore, highly recommended.

Translated from German

It couldn’t have been more exciting

By Hagen Joachim Holtz
(German review on Amazon, 29 October 2018)

When the author starts to spread out his extraordinary life story full of small coincidences in front of the reader, it all seems innocent enough, even though it’s entertaining. However, these threads then come together in astonishing serendipities, helping him progress towards the goal he is pursuing consistently: bringing a better spiritual quality of existence to his fellow men.

The enormous obstacles that open up in the process cannot really shake him for long. His aspiration and passion rather merge into a constant spark for something unpretentiously great, which unfolds gently under all adversity like a ‘flower of life’, thus pulling the reader more and more into what he has just read.

Without addressing them directly, the individual episodes are always framed by decidedly shocking events, mostly of a sociopolitical nature, that interfere peculiarly with his life. It is left to the reader to develop an appropriate theory for the conspiracy practice he is constantly confronted with.

In terms of suspense, this book can easily keep up with other genres that are more intended for it, to be absorbed with relish in a constant emotional roller coaster mode. The hope for laying the foundations of a better future that builds up towards the end and which may be decisive for the whole of humanity make this book a sine qua non experience, with some withdrawal consequences once it has been read through and must be put aside.

A book that is worth reading

By V.B., (German review on Amazon, 3 January 2020)

A very beautiful book, written in an entertaining way with a lot of interesting information about life with Maharishi. A great soul who, unfortunately, is still understood by too few people. Many thanks to the author for the insights into life with Maharishi.

A Spiritual Story of a Life that will Touch Your Heart*****

By Frankipani108, March 4, 2018

On Friday my husband gave me this heavenly book. I read this book over the whole weekend and was captivated by the beautiful narratives and stories. Mr. Pirc, I didn’t really know how many years you have implemented projects for Maharishi! Wow, really unbelievable. Through Frank’s stories—he was also in the movement for many years—I already knew some things and so could understand the stories well and empathize with them. This read brought me a lot of joy, and the whole time I felt the power of Maharishi all around me.

Andrea Schulte, wife of Frank

Translated from German

A Look Behind the Scenes*****

By Werner B., March 5, 2018

Engrossed in the wonderfully entertaining read of the life story of the author, we get an authentic look into the “inner circle” around Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, into his timeless wisdom and his selfless, and literally tireless dedication to the welfare of the world.

Beyond this, especially the passages—which, for the first time reveal systematically and objectively the hair-raising machinations of the Church and politics in connection with the unspeakable campaign against the so-called “youth cults”—these passages make this book a highly charged document of contemporary history.

Translated from German

A book full of light, love, dedication, and intelligence. An exciting, authentic, spiritual report full of surprises*****

By Simone K. March 21, 2018

This book is most exciting, spiritual, and authentic. All these many projects that the author has supported and completed in his life so successfully through his well-designed and focused approach, so full of miracles and with such amazing support from the most various sides, certainly also through the blessing of Maharishi. I am very grateful, too, for the experiences with Maharishi that the author describes. Many have no longer experienced Maharishi personally and learn here first-hand about the many beautiful and amazing experiences and memories with an enlightened wise man of our time. I am very happy about this book which describes the high and low points of the TM Movement honestly and sincerely—unfortunately also with these unspeakable attacks on the part of the churches and the Pharma Lobby, the government, including the justice system and the Press. Even today rocks are being thrown into the path, and the press still spread lies, proven to be lies long ago, but people are allowing themselves to be influenced less and less through these things. Too many positive reports from all parts of the world spread the good news on the Internet: Transcendental Meditation is simple, effortless, and easy, and it helps to gain more relaxation, calmness, happiness, and health in life. I have learned many new things in this book and am glad that the author has written it. A book full of light, love, dedication, and wisdom. Everyone should read this book.

Translated from German

New Insights into the Life and Work of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi*****

Konrad von Agris, April 6, 2018

An enlightening book about personal, extensive experiences with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It is written in an exciting way, yet objective, informative, and honest; therefore, I give it five stars. The reader gains insights that can only be gained through personal experience. He hears about countless projects in many countries, some of them with representatives of the government, some about scientific statistics with startling significance, some about the dissemination of Ayurveda in the Western world, and some about political machinations. I liked that the author didn’t just report adventurous successes, defeats and then new successes and about his inner growth that he experienced over the years—he also describes how he does solo runs and even decisively contradicts his master. This in no way detracted from his respect and his gratitude. I can recommend this book to anyone who is hungry for knowledge.

Translated from German

Interesting Contemporary History about the Condition of our Country*****

Klaus Kubiak, April 18, 2018

If one were a little hateful, one could perhaps note that the Nazis only asked the Germans no longer to buy anything from the Jews. But with this doggerel, we skip the boycott and go straight to murder. But I shall assume that the person who created this “poem” is just a complete idiot who really didn’t think about the scope or the real meaning of his verse. Unfortunately, life will go to be determined by people who never got beyond puberty. This book is not only the considerably interesting life story of Lothar Pirc, but also an important historic record, that clearly documents the deplorable state of our “democracy” and how close under the surface fascism still lurks.

The government and the media which, today totally downplay a very dangerous movement, namely Islam, to which the expression “fake news” applied even back then, didn’t think anything of together attacking a harmless group whose goals they didn’t like. Back then, this was absolutely legitimate because, in the end, their members were, for the most part Germans. Thus, there was never any danger to be badmouthed as racists.

The way in which “thinking different” is still treated in Germany hides a further danger one doesn’t call to mind so quickly: When all this talk about the so-called “youth cults” (the average age of whose members was around 35 back then) was a single big lie, then how could the media coverage about Scientology be correct? Maybe it’s a very dangerous cult, but maybe not? Its critics have sufficiently established that they are liars through and through.

A 2000-year-old cult that believes in the immaculate conception and eternal hell for all unbelievers, was of the opinion that meditation is endangering the youth? It’s difficult to out-do that hypocrisy. They probably only had the apprehension that their own hides would swim away. Through their primitive behavior (not for the first time in their miserable history) they probably scared off some people. Their current “tolerant” attitude about Islam is rather more of a sign of cowardice rather than having finally learned something from history.

This book is a little depressing for people who’ve been imagining that we live in a liberal democracy. And, unfortunately, it also shows that humanity, even here in Germany, has not progressed much. A big part of the population and, too, our average politicians, cannot stomach the fact that some people have a world-view that is different from theirs, at least if they’re Germans. For them, political correctness does not apply as it does for Islam, for example. Today conservatives are vilified as dangerous, as were cults back then. The church has meanwhile succeeded in swerving a bit and once again take a correct position. When it comes to strategy and opportunism, one can’t deny its “creative intelligence”. This institution will, unfortunately be with us for a long time to come.

By the way, I, personally, am of the opinion that TM would have been significantly more successful, and that far more people would have been initiated into this effective technology, if the organization had kept some of its peculiarities to itself—the sensationalism, for example, that “TM-Sidhas” can fly. I always had the feeling that this organization sometimes fought itself better than Pastor Haack did, or one of the other modern Inquisitors could ever have done. And this is certainly not only a personal impression. Many meditators thought of this as embarrassing also. Therefore, I am glad that so many successful prominent people meditate today and admit to it openly. Maybe it’s not too late for the great changes that Maharishi wanted to effect with TM.

Translated from German

Ron Ringsrud, October 25, 2021


It takes courage, focus and reverence to follow your innermost voices and fine feelings. It also requires joy, wonder and a sense of adventure. This book by Lothar and Dr. Karin Pirc has all of that. Lothar’s inner search brought him to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who, to put it simply, enlightened Mr. Pirc. 

I remember thinking to myself, at page 115, “I hope this book never ends!” His story of adventure – spiritual adventure – pulled me in, and it only gets better as the narrative unfolds. What a delight to read Maharishi’s words from someone who was there working in the background as this brilliant knowledge of life unfolded.

I am amazed at the fine writing of Karin,  so flowing and effortless as she told his story. This is a “dream team” of collaboration! Some of the concepts are items of deep and subtle knowledge but they get communicated in such an easy manner that I was in awe of the vision and sensitivity on display. It is as if someone at the top of the hill is describing the view to me, as I  stumble in the bushes half-way up.

Since the story spans fifty years of personal growth and achievement there is no doubt of the quality of information presented here. Time has a way of sorting out the important things from the insignificant, and Maharishi will do the rest; breaking our boundaries with grace, humor and bliss. I unhesitatingly recommend this book.

Many congratulations!

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Captivating, moving and informative – 5 stars*****

by Swabian in exile, (German review on Amazon, 13 July 2019)

Inspired by our first stay and course of treatment in the Ayurveda Private Clinic in Bad Ems in April 2019 and a lecture by Mr. Pirc, we bought the book ‘The Blessing of Maharishi’ in the small Ayurveda shop there. My wife said: You have never finished a book and certainly not one with more than 600 pages. This was true, but there is always a first time. And as a matter of fact, I read the book during our vacation and finished it in a matter of days. Many thanks to Mr. Pirc for this wonderful window into his and Maharishi’s life.

There were several instances where I was sure that I would not have had his patience. I suppose that without the many positive experiences and the firm belief that he is something special, Mr. Pirc would have given up sooner. I was very sad every time when the whole ‘movement’ was put into a ‘corner’ that did not correspond to the truth. I was deeply shocked above all by our legal system; I’m sorry to say that the actions by the institution of the church in its present functioning did not surprise me. It’s fortunate that Mr. Pirc had a long breath here, so that we have now had the opportunity to experience Ayurveda ‘on our doorstep’.

This was certainly one of the most impressive experiences I have had in my life and the book has beautifully rounded off all my experiences. Many thanks to Mr. Pirc for this moving book. It is written in a very captivating way and gives a wonderful insight into the fascination of ‘Ayurveda’.

This Book is a Blessing!*****

Julian S., June 4th, 2018

The first story of a new, peaceful age: up close and personal, as well as grippingly and most honestly narrated, this book tells the wondrous life-story of Lothar Pirc, which unfolds in the light of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The reader learns much about this great saint of the Vedic tradition, whose unbounded personality is shown in the most diverse facets: sometimes mysterious and wise, sometimes human and full of humor—always in palpable situations of every-day life that includes masterful resolutions of conflict and the relaxed up-bringing of children. Parallel to this, the author transmits with ease the step-wise development of the Transcendental Meditation organization throughout the whole world. Whether you already meditate or not, you absolutely have to read this book!

Translated from German

Absolutely worth reading!*****

R. Freudenberger, October 31, 2018

Lothar Pirc allows us to partake of his life as a spiritual seeker, a devoted disciple, and an engaged teacher as he becomes the successful CEO of the best-known Ayurveda clinic in Germany. In the process, he goes into his internal struggles, his successes, and his failures, his balancing act as a spiritual pioneer, and the loving father of a family. Through his personal meetings with his spiritual teacher and his own great engagement for a world freer of problems, the reader learns much about the far-reaching work of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, arguably the most influential spiritual Master of the modern world. Anyone who still is not acquainted with Maharishi will find much that is interesting and inspiring. Anyone who already has some foreknowledge will be enriched by an insider through exciting background information.

Entertaining, lively, personal, informative, inspiring, touching: five stars—absolutely worth reading for anyone with or without prior knowledge!

Translated from German

How many adventures, assignments, and spiritual experiences fit into one life*****

Lisa Fenger, October 23, 2018

While reading Lothar Pirc’s book, “The Blessing of Maharishi”, one could easily believe there had to be three people writing about their lives. With great enthusiasm, gratitude, and deep joy, Lothar Pirc, teacher of meditation and CEO of the biggest private Ayurveda clinic in Europe, writes about his life. A book that is not easily put down.

A profession that does not exist
There are not many people who, already as a small child know what they would become later in life. But Lothar Pirc knew it precisely. He wanted to become something “that doesn’t yet exist today…” And he was right back then, the small rug rat, because the profession of the CEO of a clinic of Ayurveda was not known in the Germany of the fifties. But until the time was ripe, Lothar Pirc had to accomplish countless assignments and pass quite a few tests of his patience.

Born for Transcendental Meditation
It is almost a miracle that, as a boy, Lothar Pirc practiced Transcendental Meditation on his own. Peacefully sitting in nature, he was overcome with the desire to think two syllables, that sounded like the name of a friend. He didn’t know that it was a mantra, but the effect was amazing. He had experiences comparable to that of any meditator practicing the technique of TM. But the narrative, until it was time that he really did learn TM and finally became a TM teacher, is a read so exciting and entertaining that you completely forget time.

The Blessing of Maharishi
The desire to be as close as possible to Maharishi took Lothar Pirc to France and to Switzerland as a young man; there he suddenly became a hotel director. The TM Movement back then needed many hotels to put up all the meditators during its courses. So, it became evident early on what an enormous organizational talent was sleeping within him that now could unfold magnificently. No obstacle, no problem was big enough that Lothar Pirc could not bring it to a happy solution. This ability did not remain hidden to the great Master, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. And so, Lothar Pirc, on whom the blessing of Maharishi lay, became one of the great organizers of the TM Movement. Everything that Lothar Pirc got off the ground, succeeded. Again, and again, coincidences and lucky meetings just came together. In Kenya and in Cyprus, Lothar Pirc maintained the best contacts to representatives of the government and many influential politicians to introduce the whole country to Transcendental Meditation. But things always worked out differently. These unexpected turns in the life of Lothar Pirc make an exciting read, sometimes amusing, and sometimes, unfortunately, they also resulted in consternation. This was the case when church and state tried to fight the TM Movement with unethical methods.

From India to Europe: Ayurveda
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s accomplishment is not just that he brought Transcendental Meditation to the West. He also pulled the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda out of oblivion. When India was occupied by British colonial masters, Ayurveda fell victim to targeted defamation. Ayurveda was dismissed as a simple superstition. The British occupiers did not recognize the universal and perfect wisdom of Ayurveda since it couldn’t be possible that a people, simplistic in their eyes, could possess a higher knowledge than they did.
Maharishi re-enlivened Ayurvedic knowledge together with the best advisors from India and had everything documented so that the same high standards of Ayurveda were maintained everywhere in the world. So, it was obvious to establish a clinic in which these wonderful Ayurveda treatments could be offered. Lothar Pirc and his wife already had the blessing of Maharishi. And they needed him urgently! How many rocks and obstacles Lothar Pirc had to get out of the way before the private clinic could work successfully in its present state is a fascinating and captivating read—as is the whole book.

Where love lives
Lothar Pirc recounts his life with much love and warm-heartedness. He describes even the starkly unbearable defamations and repressive measures of the church and the German government with the detachment of a noble and loving heart. And then it is almost like a Hollywood movie—in the end the good, the pure, and the honorable wins.
It is a pleasure to be allowed to share a little of the rich life of Lothar Pirc and to gain insights into the nature of meditation and Ayurveda.
It is a book that was written with honesty toward himself and others.

Translated from German


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