AYURVEDA SYMPOSIUM, 8-9 September 2018 – Paris, France

Video – Lothar Pirc: Effects of Panchakarma Purification Treatments

About 140 participants attended, including Dr Tony Nader and medical professionals from many different disciplines.
This Ayurveda Symposium featured leading experts in Ayurveda and Consciousness and was organized by Association Pour La Santé Fondée Sur La Conscience (Association for Consciousness- Based Health) in collaboration with l’Observatoire du Leadership (the Leadership Obser­vatory).

Lothar Pirc gave a lecture on:
Effects of Panchakarma Purification Treatments

Ayurveda has gained a popularity in France due to extensive media coverage such as women’s magazines like Le Figaro Madame, Cosmopolitan, and weeklies like Express, Le Point. A growing community of practitioners is now offering ayurvedic massage services and nutritional advice. However, the in-depth knowledge and long tradition of consciousness-based Ayurveda, Maharishi AyurVeda, has not been widely understood. The Symposium is organised to provide a broader understanding of authentic Ayurveda and is led by a scientific committee made up of qualified doctors and pharmacists, which guarantees a high level of scientific excellence.