1984 – One year development aid in Kenya

Minister for communication of Kenya, Hon Soba, a school director and Lothar Pirc at a fundraising celebration with hundreds of students and parents.

In 1984 Lothar Pirc participated for one year in a development aid program in Kenya. He presented scientific studies about improved performance of students through the Transcendental Meditation program to many school directors. The research showed improvements in the areas of intelligence, creativity and mental efficiency as well as increased grade point average. Following that, he and his fellow TM teachers instructed the directors and the teachers, as well as 3,500 students of the school in the TM technique. Furthermore, he personally supervised two large schools in Nairobi daily. To this day, he is impressed by the immediate and cumulative improvements in self-confidence and the academic performance of these underprivileged children.

During that time he also organized fundraising events, the proceeds of which were used for urgent necessary repairs on the school building.

The implementation of the Transcendental Meditation program into the daily routine at schools also resulted in improved health of the students. Lothar Pirc took the opportunity while he was in Kenya to present this effective preventative health approach to numerous government and press contacts. Many high-ranking government representatives learned the TM technique from him and some of them practice this technique to this day and appreciate the immense help for revitalization and the development of consciousness.